Restore Ryuzine Writer Full Screen View

When Ryuzine Writer 1.0 was released the “Maximize/Minimize Editor” button was removed from the toolbar.  This was like the “Fullscreen” or “Distraction Free” modes in various word processors.  It was removed because there were some reflow errors when you’d pop out of that mode that require you to resize the browser window or hide/unhide the sidebars.  Rather than requires people to do this (and know this) the problematic button was removed.

We didn’t actually remove it from the program entirely, just disabled it.  So if you liked it and want it back it’s fairly easy to re-enable it.  It’s actually a Xinha module and you can re-enable it by finding the file in:

ryuzine –> ryuzinewriter –> js –> editor.config.js

Change line 280 to:


That “popupeditor” will add back the view-fullscreen Fullscreen button.  It will be available in both WYSIWYG and HTML Editor modes.  To return from Fullscreen mode press the view-restore Restore button.  However, the Editor workspace may be squished into a narrow band across the center of the window.  If that happens panels Toggle Sidebars off/on or resize the browser window.

Note that the Sidebars no longer automatically toggle off/on when you (respectively) enter/exit Fullscreen mode as they did in earlier versions of Ryuzine Writer.