Chrome Rendering Bug

There is a rendering bug in the Google Chrome browser that makes Ryuzine nearly unusable causing pages to display in blocks with some parts missing, some parts of the pages are transparent, and pieces of the User Interface are missing.

Whatever is causing it appears to only be affecting a very, very small number of websites and webapps, Ryuzine being one of them.  The bug has been present in Chrome for at least the last 10 versions.  It’s probably safe to say Google is never going to fix it.  The problem *only* exists in Chrome and the “blink” based Opera browser.  IE, Edge, Firefox, and Safari all render Ryuzine without issues. However, Chrome users represent a not insignificant number of people on the Internet, so at this time we are recommending turning some Ryuzine features OFF in order to better accommodate them.

Our best guess at this point is that layering too many CSS effects on top of each other triggers the problem, as disabling certain effects seems to minimize the problem or make it go away entirely.


  • iScroll – there is an issue with iScroll being “sticky” and for left/right mouse clicks to have become reversed after a recent Chrome update.

A number of other issues with iScroll have also arisen in recent browsers.  Until these are addressed you should disable it in your publications.

In your static Ryuzine publication “Config File” remove those two Add-Ons from the ones being loaded.  In Ryuzine Press you can do this from the Ryuzine Press –> Options –> Add-Ons section, simply uncheck iScroll in the list and Save the settings.

Note: iScroll is a third-party script created by Matteo Spinelli and maintained by  Ryuzine simply supports iScroll integration.  Ryu Maru is not involved in the development of iScroll, and the iScroll developers are not involved in Ryuzine development.

If you still notice problems with Ryuzine rendering, also consider disabling:

  • 3D Page Turns
  • Page Shadows
  • Depth Effects – the added layer of CSS shadows makes the Chrome rendering problem worse.

Ryuzine Version 1.1 is in the works and will completely change how the pages are handled, reducing the number of layered CSS effects, which will hopefully address this problem once and for all.  Until then, please use the work-around above or inform your visitors they should turn off those features themselves after loading your Ryuzine publications.