Logos & Trademarks

Logo Usage Guidelines

The Ryu Maru and Ryuzine logos are copyrighted properties of K.M. Hansen and are licensed to Ryu Maru.  The logo and the brand names “Ryu Maru” and “Ryuzine” may only be used commercially by Ryu Maru on products, websites, and publications.

Under the following conditions third parties (persons or companies) can use the Ryu Maru or Ryuzine logos as well (slightly different terms apply depending on the logo):

  1. The logo can only be used to point to the Ryu Maru website.  When used with a link on a web page it should point to the url http://www.ryumaru.com, or a more relevant sub-section or page within our website (for example the specific product page).
  2. You will visualize and promote your own branding more prominently than you use the Ryuzine logo.  The Ryuzine logo can only be used as a secondary brand to indicate format or compatibility with Ryuzine products.  It should be clear to an average viewer that yours is not an official Ryuzine website, publication, or product.  The Ryu Maru logo may not be used as secondary branding without written authorization.
  3. You may use the Ryuzine logo on promotion of products, such as T-shirts, caps, or trade show booths, provided it is used as a secondary brand as described in condition #2.
  4. The logo must be used unaltered, without any distortions, enhancements or changes, in original colors, original typography, with proper clear space, and always the complete logo (image + text).
  5. If you use the Ryuzine logo on a product you are selling commercially you must contact us with an image or description of how it will be used and ask for explicit permission.  If you have purchased a “Commercial Use License” for Ryuzine products you do not automatically have the right to use the Ryuzine logo as a secondary brand on your products.
  6. Your use must show Ryu Maru, Ryuzine, or our other products, logos, or icons in a positive light.

If you have any concerns about whether your logo use is allowed, please contact us for further guidance.

Logo Downloads

To download the web format files click on the thumbnails below.  The full-size versions will open in in a new window and can be saved.  Please do not link to these files on our site.


Ryuzine Logo EPS [143 KB ZIP]

You may also reverse out the text against dark background colors. Clear space around the “Ryuzine” logos should be the width of the letter “i.”

(Preferred Version)

Ryu Maru Logo EPS [287KB ZIP]

Acceptable Variations:







The color of the text should be the same as the outline on the “sail” element.  However, if this doesn’t work against the background color you can reverse it out.

Minimum Clear Space Around Logo

Using the “M” in the “Ryu Maru” text as a spacing guide, make sure there is at least that much clear space around the logo (not counting the “TM”).  This will ensure it doesn’t run into other design elements and will stand prominently on its own.

Color Palette

Primary Color Set:

HEX: #CC0000
RGB: 204,0,0
CMYK: 13,100,100,4

HEX: #990000
RGB: 153,0,0
CMYK: 26,100,99,25

White or Black

Secondary Color Set:

HEX: #27AAE1
RGB: 39,170,225
CMYK: 75,15,0,0

HEX: #0556A5
RGB: 5,86,165
CMYK: 5,86,165

 White or Black

Do not mix the reds of the primary set with the blues of the secondary set.  If you use black do not use white and vise versa.

Usage in Artwork & Community Websites

We consider the use and variation of our logos and icons by “community websites” as honest tributes to Ryu Maru and our products.  These guidelines are not meant to disallow all such use.  This page is meant to clarify the official Ryu Maru guidelines regarding how and when to use our logos and icons.

Making fun, cool, funky versions of our logos is really part of your artistic freedom, and so long as they show us and our products in a good light we will never act against such tributes (we also will not endorse them).

Usage of Icons

Ryu Maru product icons may be used only to indicate a publication is in the format of, was create with, or is compatible with the respective Ryu Maru product, or as a representation of a Ryu Maru product provided it is accompanied by text showing the product name (“Alt Text” on the icon image is satisfactory).  Product icons have no clear space requirements.

Some of our products are “open source” and grant the right to freely distribute the logos and icons associated with those products with copies of the product.  The designs, however, are still copyrighted and are claimed as trademarks.  Any open source licensing only applies to the software product code.

ryuzine-icon-02 Ryuzine Webapp
ryuzinewriter-icon-02 Ryuzine Writer
ryuzine-press-icon-02 Ryuzine Press
rack-icon-02 Ryuzine Rack

Our Trademarks

The Ryu Maru “Dragon Sail” logo, and the “Ryuzine” name, logo, and icon are trademarks of K.M. Hansen and Ryu Maru.  They may only be used in accordance with the guidelines on this page unless otherwise authorized in writing.  Items we are claiming as trademarks are followed by the capital letters “TM” usually in a small, unobtrusive typeface.

Trademark Usage Guidelines

1. On products, product documentation, or other product communications that will be distributed, use the appropriate trademark symbol (TM) the first time the Ryu Maru trademark appears in the text.

2. Include an attribution of Ryu Maru’s ownership of its trademarks within the credit notice section of your product, product documentation, or other product communication in the following format:

_________ is a trademark of Ryu Maru.

_______ and _______ are trademarks of Ryu Maru.

3. Any reference to Ryu Maru should not create a sense of official endorsement or sponsorship by, or false association with, Ryu Maru or Ryu Maru products.

4. Your product name may not be confusingly similar to any trademark owned or use by Ryu Maru.

5. You acknowledge that Ryu Maru is the sole owner of the “Ryuzine” trademark and that you will not interfere with Ryu Maru’s use or registration of “Ryuzine” alone or in combination with other words.

6. We prefer our trademarks to be used as adjective/modifiers for generic names of a product or service, rather than as plural or possessive forms.  However, if you do use a trademark as a noun make sure you have previously used it correctly as a modifier:

Preferred Use: We offer several Ryuzine™ publications. . .

Acceptable Use: Ryuzine™ Editions available now:  We offer several Ryuzines. . .

Acceptable Use: Publish with the Ryuzine™ WebApp.  Ryuzine’s format offers. . .

Unacceptable Use: We offer several Ryuzines.  A Ryuzine’s user interface is. . .

Just make sure you first define what the Ryuzine trademark references and include the “TM” after the first usage.

7. Our trademark does not appear more prominent than the rest of a third party product name in size, color, or typeface.