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Sa-Bom Jim FINALE Ryuzine Releases!

The FINAL five-chapter “Shatter the Core!” story arc under Jon D. Sloan’s “Sa-Bom Jim” title has been bundled for release in Ryuzine™ Press format.  A new FREE digital issue will become available each weekday from October 23 – 27, 2017!


This post will be updated with links as the issues become available.  Or check the “Sa-Bom Jim” Store every day this week!

While this brings the “Sa-Bom Jim” title to an end, the story continues every weekday in Jon’s new title “The Do-Jahng.”  It picks up right where the previous title leaves off, however this new story is more focused on the lives of Jim’s students both in, and out of, the Training Hall.

Ryuzine Press is a free, open-source WordPress plugin for creating digital magazines and comics from curated blog posts.  The code is available on GitHub.  Ryuzine is a trademark of Ryu Maru.

Chrome Rendering Bug

There is a rendering bug in the Google Chrome browser that makes Ryuzine nearly unusable causing pages to display in blocks with some parts missing, some parts of the pages are transparent, and pieces of the User Interface are missing.

Whatever is causing it appears to only be affecting a very, very small number of websites and webapps, Ryuzine being one of them.  The bug has been present in Chrome for at least the last 10 versions.  It’s probably safe to say Google is never going to fix it.  The problem *only* exists in Chrome and the “blink” based Opera browser.  IE, Edge, Firefox, and Safari all render Ryuzine without issues. However, Chrome users represent a not insignificant number of people on the Internet, so at this time we are recommending turning some Ryuzine features OFF in order to better accommodate them.

Our best guess at this point is that layering too many CSS effects on top of each other triggers the problem, as disabling certain effects seems to minimize the problem or make it go away entirely.


  • iScroll – there is an issue with iScroll being “sticky” and for left/right mouse clicks to have become reversed after a recent Chrome update.

A number of other issues with iScroll have also arisen in recent browsers.  Until these are addressed you should disable it in your publications.

In your static Ryuzine publication “Config File” remove those two Add-Ons from the ones being loaded.  In Ryuzine Press you can do this from the Ryuzine Press –> Options –> Add-Ons section, simply uncheck iScroll in the list and Save the settings.

Note: iScroll is a third-party script created by Matteo Spinelli and maintained by  Ryuzine simply supports iScroll integration.  Ryu Maru is not involved in the development of iScroll, and the iScroll developers are not involved in Ryuzine development.

If you still notice problems with Ryuzine rendering, also consider disabling:

  • 3D Page Turns
  • Page Shadows
  • Depth Effects – the added layer of CSS shadows makes the Chrome rendering problem worse.

Ryuzine Version 1.1 is in the works and will completely change how the pages are handled, reducing the number of layered CSS effects, which will hopefully address this problem once and for all.  Until then, please use the work-around above or inform your visitors they should turn off those features themselves after loading your Ryuzine publications.

Next version of Ryuzine?

“When will the next version of Ryuzine be released?”

This is a question that has come up a couple of times recently, especially from those who’ve noted that none of the files on GitHub have been updated since August or September of 2015.

Well, the simple answer is, “when it’s necessary.”

We don’t follow the software development idea of “release early, release often.”  Ryuzine updates have historically been driven by updates to the web browsers in which it runs, either to fix something the browser update broke or to take advantage of a new browser feature.  Since the release of Ryuzine 1.0 we haven’t become aware of any browser updates breaking the webapps, nor have any “killer” features been introduced that we think Ryuzine should take advantage of.

Furthermore, Ryuzine 1.0 heavily modularized the webapps, with more formerly integrated features now made optional in add-ons.  The flexibility of the Add-Ons API would allow the webapps to utilize new browser features without requiring the core code to be updated.

In conclusion: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 😉

Ryuzine + Chrome + Mac = System Freeze [FIX!]

There is an issue being experienced by some users of Chrome on Mac OS X when viewing a Ryuzine publication.  What happens is the publication displays with glitchy graphics and any attempt to interact with it will cause the entire screen to glitch and the system to freeze, requiring a hard reset.

This is a known, recurring bug in Google Chrome involving hardware acceleration on some versions of Mac OS X, beginning with Mavericks.  Note that this is not a problem with Ryuzine or exclusive to viewing Ryuzine publications.  Other hardware accelerated web content can also trigger this problem.

Here is the work-around to prevent it from happening in the future:

  1. Type “chrome://settings/” in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced Settings” to expand it.
  3. Find the “System” section and UNCHECK the “Use hardware acceleration when available” if it was already checked or CHECK it if it wasn’t (in other words try it both ways).
  4. Restart Google Chrome
  5. Return to the Ryuzine that crashed your system, it should no longer cause screen freezing.

However, the display of the Ryuzine publication may still be very blocky/glitchy!  This has also been observed in Google Chrome for Android.  Here’s how to fix that:

  1. Open the “Options” panel and look for “Depth FX” in the Add-Ons section.
  2. Make sure the switch is set to “OFF”
  3. If it’s still glitchy turn “Page Shadows” off as well.
  4. If it’s still glitchy turn “3D Page Turns” off too.
  5. The absolute last ditch effort is to turn off “Page Animations” as well.

You may need to change these settings for multiple publications if they are on different domain servers.


Purple for Prince

Music legend Prince sadly passed away yesterday.  At the time of this writing an autopsy has been performed but a cause of death has not been made public, all we know for sure is he was found unresponsive in an elevator and couldn’t be resuscitated.  Around the world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building, as well as many peoples’ social media profiles, are being redressed in Prince’s signature color: PURPLE.  Ryu Maru is temporarily going purple as well.


Ryu Maru is headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota.  Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016) was from Minnesota, and though such a huge star who literally could’ve lived and worked anywhere, he chose to live here and he chose to build his studio here.  This is where he helped create the “Minneapolis Sound” in the 1980’s and solidified Minnesota’s place on the musical map.  He then spent the decades after not only on his own art but nurturing other artists, writing songs for them, producing them, and giving many of them exposure at parties he’d occasionally hold at his studio estate named “Paisley Park.”

Unless you were living under a rock in the 1980s you likely remember when his landmark “Purple Rain” hit, but it’s all too easy to forget just how HUGE a hit it was.  At one point he had the top album, top single, and top movie in America all at the same time!  He was the first artist to ever achieve such success.  “First Avenue,” the club in Minneapolis, is in many ways a historic venue because of Prince, having gained world-wide notoriety in the film “Purple Rain,” but it wasn’t just a movie shooting location – Prince actually performed there many, many times (however, despite popular misconceptions, he didn’t actually own the place).

Comic book fans will remember his amazing soundtrack to Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” film, fittingly titled simply “Batman.”  The scene with Jack Nicholson as “The Joker” defacing famous artworks wouldn’t be the same without Prince’s music blasting from the very 80’s “boom box” of a henchman character, incidentally, named “Prince.”

However, Prince’s music video for the song “Partyman,” in which he appears as “The Joker” himself, in many ways outdoes Nicholson’s performance in the movie.  (You may want to enjoy that video above before it gets pulled, Prince was notoriously protective of his work online and there’s no reason to believe his Estate will be any less so after his death).

He later performed what many consider one of the best Super Bowl half-time shows ever, in the middle of a Miami downpour.  Where other artists may have cancelled the show or waited for the rain to stop, Prince reportedly said “can you make it rain harder?”  When he performed he was always “all in” and many music fans agree he was arguably the best live musician of their lifetime.

He never forgot his roots, never thought he was so important he had to travel everywhere with security or an entourage (in fact the day before his death he was seen by himself riding his bike near his home on a trip to the drug store), and he never acted like he was too big to encourage the talent of others.

But Prince WAS a “big deal” to many people, especially here in Minnesota – not just because he was a rockstar, but because he was one of us, he chose to remain one of us.  You couldn’t grow up here or live here without knowing who Prince was, or without hearing at least some of his music.  When the Minnesota Twins baseball team’s new stadium opened they played Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” after every home run.  It’s a tradition for veteran players on the team to make sure rookies know all the lyrics to “Little Red Corvette.”  In 2010 the Minnesota Vikings football team streamed “Purple and Gold” on their website, it was a “fight-song” Prince wrote to support his local team in the NFL playoffs. That same year he let 89.3 “The Current” premiere his new single “Cause and Effect” as a gesture of support for independent radio, as the station is part of Minnesota Public Radio.  According to disc jockey Mary Lucia the station would occasionally get calls from Prince asking what artists he should try to book for his next Paisley Park party?  Prince performed multiple times at the radio station’s annual “Birthday Party” held, of course, at First Avenue.   But Prince was also enigmatic, somewhat reclusive, very private, and had this “magical” air about him, possibly best summed up when he dubbed himself “The Purple Yoda” in the lyrics to “Laydown.”

It’s fitting that his actual given name was “Prince” because he was regarded as “Rock Royalty” in Minnesota, and obviously not just in his home state – as the tributes to him from around the globe attest.  He will be missed, though perhaps nowhere more deeply than here in the place he called “home.”

Restore Ryuzine Writer Full Screen View

When Ryuzine Writer 1.0 was released the “Maximize/Minimize Editor” button was removed from the toolbar.  This was like the “Fullscreen” or “Distraction Free” modes in various word processors.  It was removed because there were some reflow errors when you’d pop out of that mode that require you to resize the browser window or hide/unhide the sidebars.  Rather than requires people to do this (and know this) the problematic button was removed.

We didn’t actually remove it from the program entirely, just disabled it.  So if you liked it and want it back it’s fairly easy to re-enable it.  It’s actually a Xinha module and you can re-enable it by finding the file in:

ryuzine –> ryuzinewriter –> js –> editor.config.js

Change line 280 to:


That “popupeditor” will add back the view-fullscreen Fullscreen button.  It will be available in both WYSIWYG and HTML Editor modes.  To return from Fullscreen mode press the view-restore Restore button.  However, the Editor workspace may be squished into a narrow band across the center of the window.  If that happens panels Toggle Sidebars off/on or resize the browser window.

Note that the Sidebars no longer automatically toggle off/on when you (respectively) enter/exit Fullscreen mode as they did in earlier versions of Ryuzine Writer.

Ryuzine 1.0 is HERE!


It has been a long time in the making, but Ryuzine 1.0 is finally HERE!  Not only is is practically a complete rewrite of all the Ryuzine apps, they are now completely OPEN SOURCE and FREE for personal and commercial use.



Almost 100 Changes!

This massive update has been in the works since February 2014 and fixed or changed so many things we decided to just skip over a bunch of “beta” versions and jump right to version 1.0 – in total there were nearly 100 changes to the three Ryuzine webapps and the Ryuzine Press plugin.  For more details make sure to check out the individual product pages:

Ryuzine Reader
Ryuzine Writer
Ryuzine Rack
Ryuzine Press



The Write Stuff

The biggest changes came to our Ryuzine Writer authoring webapp bringing it more in line with the features you’d expect from a page layout program.  Not only is there better handling of styles and stylesheets, the new “Page Manager” makes it easy to add, delete, and rearrange the pages of your publications.  The “RackBuilder” can also now preview newsstand catalogs in the Simulator, the Simulator has been updated with profiles for newer, popular devices, and when everything looks the way you want the “Package Builder” has more and smarter options than every before.

The Ryuzine Press plugin has also seen some improvements that make it easier than ever to turn curated blog posts into engaging Ryuzine Press Edition publications.  The plugin has also been updated and tested with WordPress 4.3.  The Ryuzine Reader and Ryuzine Rack webapps are now bundled with the Ryuzine Press plugin download from our website – you are no longer required to do a separate installation of the webapps.


Publishers can learn all about how to use either the stand-alone Ryuzine Writer or the Ryuzine Press plugin by reading the manuals – which were written WITH their respective programs and presented in Ryuzine format:

Ryuzine Press 1.0 Publishers Manual
Ryuzine Writer 1.0 Publishers Manual

Refined User Interface

All of the Ryuzine apps now have a much simpler user-interface that no longer requires users to “slide” through multiple toolbars to get to the button they want.  Those buttons all now use an “icon font” instead of images for crisp display regardless of the device resolution.  Ryuzine Reader has better swipe detection and the “Page Slider” has also been improved.

Updated Phone UI Nav Bar

Updated Phone UI Nav Bar

New Themes

Ryuzine Rack with custom theme and branding.

Ryuzine Rack with custom theme and branding.

All the changes to the User Interface required rewriting the existing themes and creating new ones.  The “Urban” Windowsand “Mobile Fruit” iOS themes got much-needed updates, and Android gets the new “Paperbot” theme.  Some of the older “Platform Themes” have been dropped since they not only looked outdated but few people even use those devices anymore.

Ryuzine Writer also now gets its own themes and theme creators can choose whether or not they want to support Writer with their themes or not.  Moving the Writer styles into their own stylesheet allows the Reader/Rack themes to be simpler and the smaller files load and render more quickly than the old themes did.

The theme system now also supports creating “child themes” that build upon another theme, so you don’t have to write styles for everything in your custom themes.

New Add-On API

In the beta versions only Ryuzine Writer had optional add-ons.  In version 1.0 the Add-Ons API has been completely rewritten and is now part of both Ryuzine Reader and Ryuzine Rack too!  Features that were previously “baked in” have been broken out into optional add-ons and it’s never been easier to extend and customize Ryuzine.

Free & Open Source

One of the biggest changes to Ryuzine is that now everything is completely open source.  Ryuzine Reader, Writer, and Rack are released under the MPL 2.0 license, Ryuzine Press is under a GPL 3.0 license.  All the code is available for developers in our GitHub Repository.  Non-Developers can continue downloading preconfigured, bundled versions from our website.

New Sample Magazine



Our first “Sample Magazine” was released with Ryuzine back in 2011, so with the launch of version 1.0 it was overdue for an update!   This NEW “Sample Magazine” is not only designed to inspire ideas and show off what is possible with Ryuzine, it also has real articles for you to read. The old one was mostly just a demonstration of layout techniques with no actual articles.

If you’re interested in publishing your own digital magazines in Ryuzine format you can download the Ryuzine Publisher Distribution Kit, which contains all of the source files used to create this sample publication.  You can open it up in Ryuzine Writer, play with it, and really see how it went together.  Not sure you’re ready to download?  Try out the ONLINE DEMO instead 😉