Below the Knees


Below the Knees: Secret Lives

This is a new comic by Joan L. Hansen featuring the adventures of an archetypal cat, dog, and parrot – with their exploits going mostly unnoticed by their owners.  “Belle” is the full-of-herself cat, “Bowzer” the self-sure dog, and “Polly” the know-it-all parrot.  When their owners are away the animals play!

Preliminary Cover Art

Joan is a self-taught artist best known for her acrylic paintings, though some of her comic art has also been published in her local newspaper.  She lives in rural Minnesota not far from where she grew up, but has also lived in the Twin Cities and San Francisco.  As a young woman she tent-camped across Alaska, sailed the Caribbean, and worked as a medical lab technician before marrying and starting a family.  Joan is now retired, the mother of three grown children, and a grandmother.  “Below The Knees: Secret Lives” is the culmination of something she has always wanted to do: publish a book of her comics and proving you are never to old to realize a dream.

Update: The release of this book has been delayed indefinitely.