Comixer is a shell script which works in conjunction with other programs to simplify and automate the process of formatting comic book pages without ever having to open other programs or know HOW to crop, scale, resample, archive, or convert images. Comixer will tell those other programs what to do based on the user’s answers to simple formatting questions. Artists need only scan in their artwork (or supply original digital art files of pages), order the pages by name in a folder, select the pages in the Nautilus file manager, and run Comixer. If you can run a photocopier you can use Comixer to make digital comic books!


System Requirements/Dependencies

  • Nautilus File Manager
  • ImageMagick
  • Ghostscript
  • Zenity
  • Zip

Comixer was designed as part of the DAB Linux distribution, but can be installed on other Linux distributions and Mac OS X.  There is currently no Windows version.


2007: a friend asks how to scan his artwork and turn it into PDF files without spending a lot of money, thinking he may want to publish through a Print On Demand service.  However he’s not that computer savvy so the idea is sparked to create scripts that will automatically compile page scans into PDF books.  “Right+Click Comix” is a collection of individual scripts written to process the page scans.  One makes sure all the pages are the same size by either trimming them or adding a white margin.  Another converts the image files from one format to another.  A third script merges a folder of image files into a PDF file.

2008: the collection of scripts are gradually merged and expanded until there is one for formatting pages, another for creating wrap-around covers, and a new third script is written to turn a folder into a Digital Comic Archive.  It is still under the “Right+Click Comix” name.

2009: all the scripts are merged into one long script to leverage shared variables and functions and the name is changed to “Comixer” in anticipation that future versions, or ports to other platforms, may require some other usage than “right clicking” in a file browser.  Numerous features are added between versions 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 and dialogs are standardized to all use Zenity.  In late 2009 Comixer 0.5 is successfully ported to Mac OS X.

2011: minor bug fix prompts release of Comixer 0.6