DAB Linux

DAB Linux

DAB Linux is an unofficial community remaster of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which has been customized especially for comic book artists and cartoonists. It includes some software packages which aren’t available in the Ubuntu repositories, removes some of the general desktop software, and a number of alterations to the appearance have been set as defaults – while still maintaining the rock-solid foundation that made Linux famous!

This operating system is intended for use primarily as a LiveDVD providing a “no install” option for using the selection of open source software in a rock solid operating system environment. Just take the disc with you and pop it into the drive of any Intel-compatible computer capable of booting from DVDs and you’ll have your “Digital Art Box” ready to use as soon as the computer has started! No installations, no messing with the system already on the computer – so you can freely, and safely, take it over to a friend’s house and show them the power of DAB Linux right on their OWN computer. If you really like DAB, or want to install your own programs, themes, etc., you can also install it to the computer’s hard drive. If you already have another operating system on that drive you can set it up as a “dual boot” system.

DAB Linux aims to be easy to use, especially for users familiar with the most popular operating systems. DAB Linux also uses a custom themes and icons for the appearance, including GFX Boot in place of generic Grub; Splashy in place of Usplash for boot splash theme; a custom GDM login; a custom icon set called “Dehydroxygen” (based on Oxygen, Oxygen Remix, and Hydroxygen) and the default appearance of Gnome has been heavily modified.

Note: Development on DAB Linux has ended, this page is just a project archive.


2007: a Linux distribution named “ComixOS G7″ is remastered from PCLinuxOS LiveCD as a means of providing a zero-install method of running the pre-cursor to Comixer, called “Right+Click Comix.”  ComixOS G7 is never stable enough to become a release candidate.

2008: ComixOS G7 is abandoned in favor of building anew atop MiniMe 2008.  However, when PCLOS Gnome 2009 becomes available development shifts to remastering that instead under the new name “ComixOS G9.”  A mostly functional ISO live disc is produced and posted online for testing, but is never officially released nor promoted.  The somewhat outdated kernel of the base system prevents the use of some of the features ComixOS was supposed to include.  A decision is made to remaster a different Linux distribution.

2009: ComixOS G9 is rebuilt as a remaster of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.  It is pointed out that the creative software is not exclusively useful to comic book artists and cartoonists, but to all kinds of creatives.  Building on the existing notion of the “Digital Art Box” the project is renamed “DAB” and finally released as a LiveDVD/Installer.

2010: DAB Linux GX work starts.  The new version is based on Debian “Squeeze” so it won’t inherit the Ubuntu customizations.

2011: DAB Linux GX is put on hold to focus on other projects.