The Ryuzine™ “Family” of webapps is our own publishing format targeting both desktop and mobile devices.  It is built atop HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript technologies supported by all the most popular web browsers.  Ryuzine delivers your content in an engaging, page-turning, “app experience” to your readers with no DRM, no app stores, and no e-reader needed.



Ryuzine (aka Ryuzine Reader) is a magazine web app targeting both desktop and mobile users.  You already know how to use it because it is like leafing through an actual magazine, but can do things real magazines can’t!  Ryuzine magazines adapt to your screen whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Simply bookmark a Ryuzine in your browser or save it as a web archive for offline reading when you aren’t connected to the Internet.  Ryuzine magazines don’t come from an “app store,” they live in the “Cloud” and only require the browser you already use.


ryuzinewriter-icon-02Ryuzine Writer
 is our authoring webapp for creating publications with a simple rich-text editor – or import HTML files created with third-party applications.  Preview your Ryuzine with the built-in device simulator, create custom configurations, and build catalogs.  It also runs ON many mobile devices so you can create a Ryuzine from the comfort of your couch!


Ryuzine Press is our open-source WordPress plugin that bridges your blog content to a Ryuzine installation.  Use the same admin back-end with which you’re already familiar to create unlimited Ryuzine Press Editions and Ryuzine Rack catalogs.

Major magazine and comic book publishers have embraced digital publishing of apps targeting mobile devices, but the cost of entry is often prohibitively expensive for independent and individual publishers and comic creators –  but with Ryuzine now you too can join the digital publishing revolution!


rack-icon-02Ryuzine Rack
is our new newsstand webapp built on the same foundation as Ryuzine Reader, but designed to act as library, store, links page, blogroll, or promotions page on your website.  You can create unlimited “catalogs” of items organized however you like!  For example have one catalog for each year of your publications, or one for publications and another for merchandise.  Ryuzine Rack comes bundled in both the stand-alone Ryuzine PDK and Ryuzine Press packages.

Which Ryuzine Is Right For You?

There are two paths you can take with Ryuzine as a publisher.  One is to create “stand-alone”/downloadable publications, the other is to create “hosted” publications from a blog.  The table below should help you figure out which is right for you:

 Stand-Alone Blog Hosted
Authoring Ryuzine Writer installed on localhost web server. Ryuzine Press plugin and WordPress post editor
Reading Ryuzine webapp Ryuzine webapp installed inside Ryuzine Press plugin
Environment HTML Web or FTP* server PHP+SQL Server with WordPress 3+
Offline Package as ZIP archive or ePUB* for download Not possible
Title Support Multiple Titles in a single Ryuzine installation. Single title works best, multiple titles require using oldest post for covers.
Issues per Install Unlimited Unlimited
Configuration Each issue can have its own config file Each issue can have its own configuration settings
Download Ryuzine PDK Ryuzine Press Plugin

* If packaged as a ZIP archive or ePUB file can be hosted on FTP server as a downloadable file for offline reading.  Packaging requires running Ryuzine Writer with PHP File Operations enabled and export to ePUB format requires the ePUB Add-On (which is included in the PDK).

Both the stand-alone and hosted methods use the exact same Ryuzine reader webapp, so you can use the same add-ons and themes.