Download Ryuzine

Publishers Development Kit


Version 1.0 (25.6MB ZIP file)

Includes: Ryuzine Writer, Ryuzine Reader, Ryuzine Rack, and all our Add-Ons and Themes.

Requires: PHP 5.2 or later and any modern web browser (Safari or Chrome recommended).

Ryuzine Press Plugin for WordPress


Version 1.0 (6.8MB ZIP file)

Includes: Ryuzine Press, Ryuzine Reader, Ryuzine Rack, and all our Add-Ons and Themes.

Requires: WordPress 3.5 or later and any modern web browser.

Publishers Manuals

Publishers can learn how to use either the stand-alone Ryuzine Writer or the Ryuzine Press plugin by reading the manuals – which were written WITH their respective programs and presented in Ryuzine format:

Source Code

All of the Ryuzine source code is now hosted in our repositories on GitHub:


The Ryuzine webapps are FREE software made available subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0. There is no need to assign the copyright for your submitted code to anyone because we use a standard Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) sign-off process. If you are interested in helping improve Ryuzine please read the “” file for details, which is included in the downloads.

Add-Ons and Themes may be made available under any license the author chooses and you are under no obligation to publicly release any add-ons or themes you create.

Distribution of publications in Ryuzine format does not require you to also provide source code if the webapp or plugin code has not been modified.

“Ryuzine” and the Ryuzine logos are trademarks of K.M. Hansen & Ryu Maru. If you are distributing unaltered software, downloaded directly from Ryu Maru, to anyone in any way or for any purpose, no further permission is required. Any other use of our trademarks requires prior authorization.

Archived Versions

Pre-release “beta” versions before the current release are still available in an archive on our site. Please be aware these are no longer maintained and are not open-source. Source code is obfuscated and they were released under a proprietary dual freeware/commercial license. We are no longer selling the commercial license or enforcing its terms.