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ryuzinewriter-icon-02A FREE webapp for Authoring digital magazines, newsletters, and webcomics targeting both desktop and mobile devices. Ryuzine Writer runs right in your web browser empowering you to compose, edit, and publish YOUR content in our Ryuzine digital magazine format using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. There is no DRM, no app stores, no approval process, and your readers won’t need to install a thing.


Rich Text Editor

writer_dragonlady_editRyuzine Writer features a powerful editor specifically modified for creating Ryuzine publications. You can work from scratch, from an auto-generated template, or import HTML files created with other programs like Dreamweaver or InDesign.  It’s a non-destructive editor, which means you are always working on a copy of your file not the original, and Ryuzine Writer leverages PHP file operations on your local development server to save your work and package your publications.  For webcomic publishers, just fill in the dedicated options in the Template Wizard, submit and build!  Of course you can also customize your publication in the editor before you build the webapp version.  With Ryuzine Writer you can be making digital comics, magazines, or newsletters targeting desktops, phones, and tablets in no time at all!

Page_Manager_Page_SelectNew in version 1.0 are the Page Manager, Master Styles, and Edition Styles.  The Page Manager makes it easy to add, delete, and reorder pages.  It also lets you adjust how pages display in the editor itself – single, continuous, or facing pages (right or left bound).

The Master Styles panel can apply your custom styling within the editor for a better “what you see is what you get” experience.

The Edition Styles panel also lets you import stylesheets and/or create custom styles from scratch in an easy to use dialog – without having to know how to code CSS.

Ryuzine Writer version 1.0 is a major update from the previously available beta versions with many fixes and new features, plus now everything is also open source under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.  So if you sling a little code you can help make Ryuzine even better too, make sure to check us out at GitHub.

Easy Configuration

Ryuzine Writer also includes a “Config Builder” utility for creating custom Ryuzine and Ryuzine Rack configuration files.  Just pick and enter the options you want and hit the “Build” button – you instantly get perfectly formatted configuration file code every time.  You can also test it out in the Device Simulator before you save it.

Device Simulator

Simulator_WorkspaceWhile you are working on your publication you can test build it and then preview it as it will appear on a variety of mobile devices, or pop out the simulator to test it on the device on which you’re running Ryuzine Writer.  You can rotate and scale the simulated device.  View your publication in “App” mode or with the device browser and UI toolbars.

While we included a ton of popular devices on which to test, and there are even more available as optional add-ons, there are always new devices being released. Which is why you can create and add your own, custom device profiles.  You don’t need to have an emulator installed and you don’t need to own the actual device.

Build It Once

The Ryuzine format is cross-platform and cross-browser using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.  It doesn’t require any special libraries or frameworks, and the “packaged” publications can even be downloaded and read offline.  That means you only have to “build” your publication once and it will just work – on most desktop and mobile devices.  It also features a “fallback” plain HTML mode for browsers and devices that can’t handle the webapp can still see your content (they’ll just miss out on the engaging digital magazine “app experience”).

You won’t need to build one version for Windows and Mac desktop users and another for Android and still another for iPhone or iPad.  It’s about as close to “one size fits all” as publishing can get!

Publish Anywhere


Once you’ve built and packaged your publication YOU get to decide where and how your readers get it.  Offer them as downloadable ZIP files for offline reading, or host them “in the cloud” on virtually any web site – the Ryuzine format doesn’t require any fancy web services (it technically doesn’t require a web server at all).

Monetize your publications on your own terms.  Sell ad space in your publications, just like any paper media publication.  Put your publications behind a “paywall” on your web site, sell the downloadable zipped packages, or convert your Ryuzine publications into an Android “native app” and sell it in the Google Play Store.  We don’t take a percentage and you don’t have to submit it for our approval or sell it in our store.

Promote It!

ryuzine_rack_iPhone6Once you have published a bunch of Ryuzine format magazines or webcomics you’ll probably want to promote them, right?  You can use our Ryuzine Rack newsstand webapp.  It works on the same platforms and in the same browsers as the Ryuzine publications, and you can even send your “catalogs” along with downloadable publications.

Ryuzine Writer features a special “Rack Data Builder” utility for creating the Ryuzine Rack “catalog” files, which are actually simple HTML tables.  No dealing with servers or databases, just plain HTML files.  You can have an unlimited number of catalogs and organize them however you like.  It’s incredibly flexible – and because all the processing happens on the client-side sorting is super fast (even on most mobile devices).  Since it’s based on the same architecture as your Ryuzine publications it can use the same theme files for seamless integration when moving from the newsstand to an individual publication, and even be packaged or converted into a native Android app in the same way.

Plus, Ryuzine Rack isn’t limited to promoting only your Ryuzine publications!  You can include items like PDF files, eBooks, “link exchanges” to other web sites, point to store pages for merchandise or print publications.  If what you want to promote is online, or has a page somewhere online, you can include it in a Ryuzine Rack catalog.

Learn It!


Ryuzine Writer Publisher’s Manual is Available Online for FREE, in Ryuzine format

Ryuzine Writer can be used to create and test all the necessary parts for your publications and newsstand.  Learn how to use all the advanced features, including importing publications created with Abobe InDesign or other HTML editors, in the Publisher’s Manual.

Our authoring webapp also incorporates an “add-on” system allowing third-party developers to extend it with custom features and functionality.  If you’re familiar with web technologies and interested in learning how to create add your own options, dialogs, or workspaces to Ryuzine Writer check out the “Add-Ons” wiki for full details.

If you want to try out Ryuzine Writer before downloading it take a look at the “Online Demo” – the only thing we’ve disabled (for security reasons) are the PHP File Operations.  If you run the “Guided Tour” it will load the sample magazine and walk you through the process.

Note: the links above currently go to the publishers manual for the beta version, we hope to have the manual for version 1.0 up soon!

Sa-Bom Jim” artwork courtesy and coypright Jon D. Sloan, all rights reserved.